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To become a member of SVAMA, you join the AMA and select the Silicon Valley Chapter as your local chapter. There are several membership categories depending on where you are in your career.


Professional Membership - This membership is open to any person engaged in or having an interest in marketing. Professional members join local professional chapters and pay chapter dues.

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Collegiate Membership - This membership is open to any full- or part-time student who is attending a regionally or nationally accredited academic institution of higher learning, working toward a degree, and is not concurrently employed in a full-time professional position. Doctoral students are also considered collegiate members. Collegiate members pay discounted local chapter dues in addition to national dues.

Young Professional Membership - This membership is available for 3 years immediately following completion of an undergraduate degree. Chapter dues are optional for the first year, but mandatory for the second and third years. However, to participate as a volunteer in a local chapter during the first year, chapter dues do apply.

Academic Membership - This membership is open to any person holding a full-time faculty status in an institution of higher learning with an interest in the science and practice of marketing. Academic members must pay local chapter dues, but instead of joining the chapter, they may elect to allocate that portion of dues to the Academic Division.

Categories of Membership Annual Membership Dues
Professional Marketer $250 Plus Local Chapter Dues $45 = $295
Doctoral Student $110 (Local Professional Chapter dues optional)
Young Professional; special rate avail for 3 yrs following college graduation $110 Plus Local Chapter Dues $45 = $155
Student (Undergrad/Graduate) $47 plus local chapter dues $10 = $57 (or plus Collegiate Chapter dues if chapter on campus)
International Varies by Country - see International application at
Group; available to 4 or more members in same organization See information below

Significant Savings on Group Memberships!

The AMA Group Membership program is available to professional marketers and academics in the same organization. A group is defined as four or more people receiving a paycheck from the same employer.

Pricing by Group Size (includes local chapter dues): 
4-9 Members: $235 per member (20% savings)
10+ Members: $210 per member (29% savings)
Application Fee Waived

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