Connecting…Informing…and Advancing through SVAMA events.

We provide a variety of industry, educational and networking events to connect you with marketing thought leaders in the Silicon Valley and beyond. These events are designed to enhance your understanding of the best practices and latest trends in marketing, continually improve your skills and help you advance your career.

Panel Events

These are the SVAMA's premier events - the perfect combination of keynotes and panel discussions to cover hot topics in the industry. These events feature innovators, authors, emerging companies and the best known brands in marketing thought leadership.

Networking Events

Networking events are fundamental to Connecting, Informing and Advancing. The goal is to provide quality connections for our community. Meet industry peers and key influencers in a social setting to experience all that SVAMA can offer!

Partner Events

Our continued success as a non-profit marketing organization stems from the spirit of cooperation that we share with partners in our marketing community. By providing opportunities for our members to participate in each other's events and programs at a reduced rate, we can encourage their continued growth, education and career development.

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