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28 Sep 2010

Emerging Media Morning Forum
Driving sales from Social Media

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 8:30am to 10:00AM

Social Media is here to stay as a major marketing vehicle.  It can be a treasure trove of voluntary feedback from which to gather actionable insights.  Join our Morning Forum to learn how social media has helped perceptive B2B and B2C companies rewire their entire business process from new buyer insights in marketing, product development, and customer service.
An estimated $25 billion will be spent on internet advertising in the U.S. in 2010.  Of that $25 billion, more than $2 billion will be spent on Digital Media sites.  In 2010, over 1 billion messages will be generated, talking about products and services bought, marketing campaigns seen, and customer service received.  Over 40% of U.S. buyers will read these opinions, affecting their purchasing decisions.  There is a great opportunity to extract buyer insights from the wealth of information provided by Digital Media sites.

This Morning Forum will feature McKinsey & Company walking us through several situations where leading companies have leveraged social media to vastly improve efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing operations.  McKinsey Associate Partners David and Valery will share provocative analyses, concrete metrics, and actual recommendations from each case. 

Guest Speakers 
David Doctorow, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company
Marketing & Sales Practice consultant. David has deep experience in serving clients on marketing strategy, marketing ROI, and sales channels.

Valery Miftakhov, Associate Partner, McKinsey and Company
Marketing & Sales Practice consultant and leader in digital marketing, digital strategy, and high-tech marketing & strategy (over 10 engagements in the last 3 years), including channel strategy, customer segmentation, pricing, and business unit strategy.

Emerging Media Morning Forum Chairman: Bruce Rossiter – CEO, Zoom Sales & Marketing, specializing in developing and implementing social media programs for businesses; He is a member of SVAMA’s Board of Directors and VP – Sponsorship. Mr. Rossiter is both a former McKinsey associate and senior officer for two national venture funds. He is CEO of Zoom Industries, a company that purchases and revitalizes companies using techniques implemented by Zoom Sales & Marketing.

• $5 for SVAMA Members
• $15 for non-members
• Free for both the inviter (whether an SVAMA member or not) and his or her guest if the inviter brings a new guest that has not been to the SVAMA Emerging Media Morning Forum before.


Bruce Rossiter
Morning Forum Manager
Zoom Sales & Marketing, and Zoom Industries


David Doctorow
Associate Principal
McKinsey & Company

Valery Miftakhov
Associate Partner
McKinsey and Company

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28 Sep 2010

UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley, 2505 Augustine Drive, Suite 100 Santa Clara, CA 95054 [Google Map]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 8:30am to 10:00AM

This is a must attend morning forum for social media and digital marketing professionals who want to understand how to mine the treasure trove of information generated through social media by buyers of products and services.

Please RSVP to brossiter@zoomsales.biz no later than noon Monday, September 27, 2010 or contact Bruce Rossiter at 408-456-6920 directly. Cost: $5 for SVAMA Members; $15 for non-members; free for both the inviter (whether an SVAMA member or not) and his or her guest if the inviter brings a new guest that has not been to the SVAMA Emerging Media Morning Forum before.



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