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30 May 2017

May 30 – Dayna Rothman – Decision Making Under Uncertainty: How Agile Marketing Teams Can Leverage Data and Analytics

According to BrightFunnel Benchmark Research, it took 18 marketing touches to close a deal in 2015, requiring businesses to adopt robust marketing technologies to analyze a buyer’s journey. These technologies have created an abundance of data on each of those 18 touch points, but how do you make sense of this data to make accurate, informed marketing decisions? Apply predictive analytics to understand exactly what is or isn’t working – and why.

By understanding why certain programming has worked in the past, you can predict precisely when and how much revenue will be produced as a result of your efforts. Predictive analytics helps facilitate smarter bets and justify investments with the ability to accurately predict when and why an investment will turn into revenue.

In this session, Dayna will explain how agile marketing teams can utilize existing campaign and CRM data to reveal performance insights, and why the application of predictive analytics is essential to making informed, data-driven decisions that impact future revenue.

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30 May 2017

College of San Mateo, 1700 W Hillsdale Blvd San Mateo, CA 94402 [Google Map]


Dayna Rothman and VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel, a leading marketing attribution platform. She is also the author of Lead Generation for Dummies and numerous LinkedIn Learning courses such as Content Fundamentals, Blogging for Business, Advanced Lead Generation, and more. Prior to BrightFunnel, Dayna was VP of Marketing at EverString where she built out the brand, content, and demand team. She also ran content marketing at Marketo for over three years.



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