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26 Apr 2011

Emerging Media Morning Forum
“They’ve done what?” – Competitive Intelligence Tools and Techniques to Beat the Competition

Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 8:30 to 10:00AM

Every business has competitors and the last thing any marketer wants is to be surprised by a new competitor release, feature enhancement, or partnership announcement. You also want to have a credible response for the day when a competitor re-orients their sales or marketing strategy.

In order to avoid being surprised by a “Monday Morning” event, you need to establish listening posts across a variety of social media and other deep web sources. You’ll also need to build out a solid list of industry, customer and partner connections. Finally you’ll also need to develop frameworks that harvest and synthesize the signals competitors are sending about their future intent and what those changes might portend for your product, service, or business.

Cascade Insights, a competitive intelligence firm, will show you how you can obtain clear insights about the moves your competitors are making and how your marketing, sales, or planning activities should change because of these insights. It will show you how to produce insights on a moment’s notice as well as how you can build out a framework for consistently harvesting insights over the course of a month, quarter, and year.

About the Presenters

Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart are the co-owners of Cascade Insights. Together, they have built two different businesses over the past 10 years, 3 Leaf and Cascade Insights.

Cascade Insights, founded in 2006, focuses on providing competitive intelligence, qualitative market research and strategic marketing services to clients in the hardware and software industries so that they can more effectively assess, compete with and beat the competition.

Sean and Scott also regularly write articles and deliver presentations on qualitative research and competitive intelligence topics. Recent presentations and articles have been delivered through and published by organizations such as SoftwareCEO, the Association of International Product Marketing and Management, MarketingProfs, Willamette University’s Graduate School of Business, RainToday.com and the Marketing Research Association. Their work has also been featured in the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) Competitive Intelligence magazine and in Quirk’s Marketing Research Review. Examples of some of these presentations can be found on the Best Practices Content  page.

Sean was also past chairman of the Oregon chapter of SCIP, the Sales and Marketing SIG of the Software Association of Oregon and he was recently awarded a national Catalyst Award for his work with SCIP. Sean is also the Vice-Chair of the Market Research Association’s upcoming Fall 2011 conference.

Bruce Rossiter – CEO, Zoom Sales & Marketing and Emerging Media Morning Forum Chairman.
Zoom develops and implements sales lead generation programs for businesses. He is a certified Social Media Strategist by SMM University. He is a member of SVAMA’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Rossiter is both a former McKinsey associate and senior officer for two national venture funds. He is also CEO of Zoom Industries, a private equity company that purchases and revitalizes companies using techniques implemented by Zoom Sales & Marketing. Both Zoom companies are located in the Silicon Valley.

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26 Apr 2011

UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley, 2505 Augustine Drive, Suite 100 Santa Clara, CA 95054 [Google Map]

Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 8:30 to 10:00AM

Learn the basics about how to anticipate your competition’s next moves so you can plan accordingly.

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