Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors 2016-2017

+ Serene Wong | President 2015-2017

Serene Wong has six years of pay-per-click advertising experience working with clients from different industries such as tech, online retail, travel, financial, law, sports and education. Currently, she is working for Hotwire as their SEM Analyst managing the day to day campaign optimizations as well as strategy for new campaign ideas. Prior to joining Hotwire, she worked for Bleacher Report, a sports media company before they were acquired by Turner Sports Network, as their SEM Manager where she managed and built several SEM campaigns as well as strategy and maintaining vender relationships. During her career, she has helped all her clients succeed in reaching their goals through successful campaign strategy and optimization. She also spends many Saturday morning helping her old boss manage his real estate properties and has become an expert on property management in the city of San Francisco. Serene has been an active member of the AMA since 2002. For the past 8 years, has held several board positions with two different AMA Chapters. She also sat on the alumnae board of her alma mater where their goal is to raise funds for the scholarship fund. She earned her Bachelors and Master's degree in marketing from Golden Gate University.

+ Shannon L. Ryan | Past President 2011-2014 & EVP Marketing

Shannon is an industry thought leader in global brand strategy and marketing. She has held senior leadership roles on both the agency and brand side, including management of her own agency, ArchetypeDNA. Shannon’s experience is diverse across B2B and B2C, having worked with some of the most respected brands in the world to help them differentiate in competitive markets, reach and engage audiences with measurable results across the organization, and accelerate brand, product and revenue growth. Shannon has served on the SVAMA Board of Directors for the past nine years, with three of them as president.

+ Angi Roberts | Secretary & Treasurer

Angi founded The Association Office in 1990, after many years with AT&T, because of her personal experiences as a receiver of services provided to a nonprofit organization that she had founded. She discovered a need for nonprofit associations and organizations to find competent assistance and support services, at affordable pricing. The organization’s mission is to work with trade associations, educational non-profits or other non-profits to further their goals through the use of sound judgment and top-notch organizational techniques and processes.

+ Sue Hay | EVP Programming

Sue Hay, author of the blog 21st Century Lead Generation, is the founder of BeWhys Marketing, a full-service lead generation consultancy with managed services. As CEO of BeWhys Marketing, Inc., Sue is passionate about helping clients create and execute demand generation campaigns that deliver real results. She is dedicated to using the latest and most appropriate technologies and practices - from marketing automation to lead nurturing, lead scoring and building personas - to help companies cost-effectively achieve their vision, reach their goals and grow their business. She also believes that marketing's accountability within an organization should be the same level as sales or client services.

Sue founded BeWhys Marketing, Inc. in 2010 after selling Snowy River Marketing, Inc., a company she founded and led for 13 years. At Snowy River, she helped create and execute a variety of revenue-growing online marketing services for companies from start-ups like Brodia and Talk City major multi-national enterprises like Ariba, Cisco Systems and Yahoo.

In her professional career, Sue has had experience in nearly every aspect of corporate marketing and communications, including event management and planning, channel marketing, corporate communications and public relations. She is a skillful problem solver and strategic thinker. Her strengths include identifying critical gaps in a client's lead management processes; the development of lead nurturing campaigns that deliver relevant content and calls to action to the target audience; and project management, execution and analysis.

Sue was born in Australia and has dual citizenship in the United States, where she has resided for the past 20 years. Before moving to the U.S., she led the Asia-Pacific region marketing communications efforts for the government of Ontario, Canada, in Japan. In Australia, she was a member of the Apple Australia marketing team and played an integral role in the company's growth.

+ Vijay Prathap | EVP Business Development

+ Bruce Yandell | EVP Member Affairs

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